UniSAFE is an EU-funded H2020 research project that aims to produce better knowledge on gender-based violence and sexual harassment (GBV) in research performing organisations (RPOs), and to translate this knowledge into operational tools for higher education, research organisations and policymakers.

Research and outreach activities targeting researchers, stakeholders and policymakers will be led across Europe for three years, starting in February 2021. The project analyses the mechanisms of GBV – its social determinants, antecedents and consequences – at three different levels, using a holistic research model:

  • Prevalence and impacts of GBV will be analysed via data gathered by a survey among 45 RPOs (micro level).
  • Organisational responses and infrastructure will be investigated via data gathered by in-depth case studies, interviews, and a strategic mapping of research organisations in 15 member states (meso level).
  • Legal and policy frameworks will be examined through extensive mapping by national experts in 27 European states and 3 associated states (macro level).

This multi-field research design will provide in-depth knowledge of existing problems, current and future priorities and will result in an operational toolkit and recommendations to reduce GBV in the European academic and research area. The holistic model used was developed by Yellow Window in the study on Gender-based Violence in Sport.

Yellow Window is involved in all activities of the project and in charge of the development and design of the toolkit for RPOs. This toolkit will be integrated in the GEAR tool.

This project has received funding from the European Union`s Horizon 2020
Science with and for Society programme under grant agreement no. 101006261