Policy Design

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Drawing upon our decades long experience in product design, service design and management consultancy, a new vision of policy design was conceived. Our approach aims to challenge the ways policies are being developed and delivered, with a view to improving the users’ experience and to make these policies more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. This philosophy derives from the way we apply design thinking, with attention for the diversity of users and the emerging uses and needs that command technological and social innovation.

We have assisted public institutions and private companies in decision-making and with the planning, implementation and evaluation of policy instruments for over three decades.

The basis of a significant part of our activities is qualitative, social and policy-driven research, to which we add specific expertise in gender, social innovation and public health. We have extensive experience in the collection of (often difficult to retrieve) data, and the analysis of complex and comprehensive data sets, at national and European level and the translation of these data into concrete and actionable recommendations and solutions.

Our team also has know-how on surveying and understanding the needs of the customer and other stakeholders. We are experienced in assessing policies, programmes and organisations.

Three main areas of expertise

Our expertise in policy design is used in various sectors. We group our projects into three broad domains: gender equality, social innovation and public health.

Gender Equality

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Social Innovation

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Public Health

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