The COVID-19 pandemic is a health crisis as well as a humanitarian, economic and social crisis that affects us all. As a group, women have been hit harder by the political responses than men; an inequality which increases depending on their class, age, or migration status. While some have worked from home and done online shopping, others are still unemployed, victims of violence, financial difficulties, or suffer physical and mental illness; all a consequence of “normal” societal supports being disrupted or halted during the pandemic.

RESISTIRÉ is a 30-month research project that aims at finding sustainable solutions to these gendered inequalities and to strengthen societal resilience to outbreaks.

The approach followed is innovative with short cycles of 6-8 months after which concrete solutions are proposed in the form of recommendations to policy-makers (and other stakeholders); pilot projects (piloting social innovations) and research agendas to further increase knowledge on the impact of policies on inequalities.

Yellow Window is one of the ten consortium members, involved in all activities and responsible for two main work packages: the translation of research results into ideas for solutions (through open studios) and the development of the solutions.