Within the broader context of the RESISTIRÉ research project, of which Yellow Window is one of the ten consortium partners, two pilot projects were launched with the aim of transforming green spaces into ecosystems of care. This is primarily achieved through the bottom-up development and subsequent implementation of programmes that make all users, and particularly vulnerable groups, feel welcome and able to access the green spaces. This, in turn, facilitates the growth of care and solidarity among the green space users and the creation of local support networks.

The first pilot project focuses on the Parc de l’Espanya Industrial in Barcelona, an active and vibrant green space located in the neighbourhood of Sants. The project is run by the social innovation collective aquí, which has experience in facilitating participatory design processes and has brought local people and organisations together to create a more equitable and sustainable city. They aim to transform the Parc into an ecosystem of care through cultural programming, creating a general sense of belonging, and including groups that were heretofore largely absent in the life of the green space (i.e., LGBTQI+ people).

The second pilot project is run by the organisations Transition Graz and Illusions, which facilitate the implementation of local bottom-up activities with the goal of promoting solidarity, ecological sustainability, and the local/regional economy. The project is focused on the revitalisation of three green spaces in the Triester neighbourhood of Graz, Austria: a sports area/playground in poor condition, a green space next to a farmer’s market, and a barely used park with a lot of potential. A number of different activities are implemented in each green area, based on the feedback of local people (and especially vulnerable groups), that meet the needs and interest of the (potential) users of these areas.

In order to connect stakeholders involved in making green spaces inclusive and accessible to all, a RESISTIRÉ Community was created in the form of a public LinkedIn group. This group can be shared with anyone interested in the topic and provides a space for further and deeper collaboration on this topic.